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1 applicant
posted cerca de 2 años ago

Descripción del trabajo

Data Entry - Admin/Clerical
Atlanta, GA
6 months contract minimum
Pay rate $13.40/hr.

Here are the Job On questions:
1 – What interests you about this position?
2 – Tell me about your most recent role and any challenges you may have experienced.
3 – Managing your own workload and having to multitask and manage departmental overflow to combine additional Job projects is critical in this job.
Can you give me an example of when you had to:
A) Manage your workload and prioritize impromptu department workflow to meet conflicting deadlines?
B) Working in a High volume very demanding Fast pace environment can cause some stressful situations how are you working under pressure?
C) In this position working under pressure can be a challenging responsibility! while maintaining a professional attitude as you are required to remain internal and external Customer focus at all-time how would you find yourself challenge to provide resolve in the area of conflict resolution that you would show consistency for yourself and the department?
4 – What are your career plans, and how does this job fit in?

Must be very detail-oriented and able to follow precise directions
• Maintain payout percentages for advisors affiliated with FSC, Royal Alliance, and SagePoint Financial
• Process payout percentage changes for existing advisors and update payout percentages for new advisors joining the firm
• Assist OSJs and Home Office employees with inquires related to payout percentages